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Last PTO Meeting of 2024

  • May 14th at 6:00 pm 

  • join us to learn about upcoming events & help with planning

    Volunteers are always needed!  15 min or 15 hours, there is always something you can help with.  We'd love to have you! 


What's Next:

* May 14th RESTAURANT NIGHT @ CHIk-Fil-A Highlands ranch

* MAY 17TH 5th grade swim party  

* MAY 23rd RESTAURANT NIGHt @ yogurtland 

* MAY 21 order 2024/2025 school supply kits

Ordering link: https://www.educationalproducts.com/ShopPacks

School code: HOP012  (3 letters/3 numbers)

* MAY 24TH last day of school 

Street Smarts Shopping Program is concluded for the year 
As of April 15th, Hopkins is in 3rd Place to win $1,500



Hopkins 2024/2025 PTO Board:

President: Amber Pearson hopkinsptopresident@gmail.com

Vice President: VACANT

Secretary: Chelsey Kinney

Treasurer: Lindsey Gorzalski Hocking hopkinsptotreasurer@gmail.com

VIPs Coordinator: Ashley Smith  hopkins1vips@gmail.com

Fundraising Coordinator: VACANT

Marketing/Communications: Sherry Affatica  sherryaffatica@gmail.com 




Hopkins 2023/2024 PTO Board:


  • Shop, dine, enjoy services or see a movie at the Streets at SouthGlenn, then submit your receipts to      earn $ for our school.  Submit receipts on-line or you can send them to school with your student.
  • Quick Link:  https://www.shoppingpartnership.com/southglenn/index.html
  • Help raise funds for Hopkins just by buying groceries!  Don’t delay, if you haven’t linked yet, please do so soon! 
  • If you already have an online account with King Soopers that is linked to your loyalty card: 
  1. Go to http://www.kingsoopers.com and log in to your account.

  2. Hover over “Savings & Rewards” and click on the drop down “King Soopers Community Rewards”

  3. Click on “Enroll Now”

  4. The next page will say FIND AN ORGANIZATION towards the top of the page.  In the search box, please enter the Hopkins code which is UI065

  5. Click on ENROLL!

  • If you have a King Soopers loyalty card, but haven't ever logged in online to their website: 
  1. Have your existing King Soopers loyalty card handy (this is NOT the Hopkins Gift card) or you can also create your online account using your Alternate ID (such as a phone number)

  2. Go to http://www.kingsoopers.com

  3. Click on Welcome/Sign In on the right side of the page, then My Account

  4. Once your loyalty account log-in is created, follow the steps above to link it to Hopkins!

  • No more clipping. No more sending Box Tops to school. All you need is your phone. Download the ALL-NEW Box Tops app, shop as you normally would, then simply scan your store receipts to find participating products. The app will automatically credit your school's Box Tops earnings online.

  • This year, Hopkins goal is to raise $1000 from box top collections.  Make sure to go online use the app to scan receipts or send your cut tops to school with your child.  We collect all the time but twice a year the class with the highest number of box tops can earn a prize!



  • Be sure to download the Membership Toolkit Mobile App.